Vegas, Rational Service Symposium, Building a Media Brand & What’s coming

We’re the 3 best friends that anyone can have

First, let me start by saying that Vegas is not a place I could ever live.  With that said, it’s a whole lot of fun for a few days!  As I got ready to head to Vegas for the Rational Service Symposium, one of my closest friends reminded me that his brother-in-law was having his bachelor party the SAME weekend.  What are the odds?!  Therefore, my media manager and I booked our flights to get in for the weekend and we stayed at Planet Hollywood the first two nights of our trip.  I got to meet up with one of my best friends, we go all the way back to grammar school and when we get together, craziness happens.  This time around did not disappoint but unfortunately, that is all I can say because, well, you know the saying: “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”.  My friends are my family.  I live for these moments.  Make sure you take the time to do things before it’s too late.

Rational Service Symposium Kick Off 9-9-2018

It was Sunday night, after all the partying the previous two nights, I had to get my mind back to business and ready to do some filming.  Every time I get around the people of my industry it is super humbling.  Since embarking on my media journey back in December of 2017, I love being recognized at industry events, shows and seeing all the support and positivity.  It makes me want to do more and work harder.  If you see me, make sure you say hello!  You are all my motivation.  So as the night progressed, I caught up with a few friends and as the cocktail party ended, we head back to our rooms and got ready for day 1 of the symposium.


We had our breakfast and coffee, then Sidney Lara the VP of service North America kicked off the symposium by going over the agenda, a service update, where Rational has been as a company, what’s changed and where they are headed.  There was talk of first visit fix rates becoming increasingly higher, the new tech assist app, installations and site surveys and a special presentation by Markus Clueck, EVP North America & CEO.  We had rotating workshops covering different topics.  One of those workshops took us into the kitchen with Rational National Corporate Chef Billy Buck!  I even had a chance to speak with him and you can see that on my YouTube channel MalachyTV!  Chef cooked up some food in the Self Cooking Center Combi’s and it all looked delicious!  Day 1 went by fast but there was a lot covered and a lot learned.  Monday night in Vegas, it was time to head out for a little while.  There was a few of us that hit the road, Josh from AKMCO, Jeff from CORE and Mike from Rational hit the Vegas strip and had  a great time.


Day 2 came fast!  Kim Shelby, Rational’s VP of Operations did a presentation on Parts Distribution and the improvements.  As a service company, we are required to stock inventory to service our mutual customers in our respective markets.  It’s not possible to stock everything.  It is possible to stock the right parts, the ones we know will be needed time and time again.(80/20 Rule)  As we continue to service New Jersey, we will develop a stronger list of parts to stock on our vans and in our warehouse.  Ken March spoke a little on the Key Accounts and before you knew it, the symposium came to a close.  Before I Left, I made sure to get two quick interviews with Sidney & Kim which again, you can easily see if you SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL, MalachyTV! My media manager Angel and I packed up and head to the airport.  Vegas, it was real, it was fun, it was intriguing, it was expensive, it was hot, it was also a little cold, it was good eats and drinks and it was good to catch up with this town I hadn’t seen in 10 years.  See ya in another 10!


I am hyper-focused on building my business and my brand.  Brand building is something that is going to take time, patience and consistency.  A media company built through my journey in the food equipment service industry.  The kitchen is the stage, our technicians are the stars and the daily ups and downs that come with running a company will be in each piece of our content.  Authentic.  Genuine.  Real.  No scripts.  Just documenting my daily through a lens.  We’ve launched our facebook group the FOOD EQUIPMENT DIGITAL DISRUPTORS.   A community being built to help you on your journey, LIVE Q&A’s, how to’s, our own conference we are planning for Summer 2019 and more!  Ask me more about it if you’re interested!

Before I end this blog post, I want to let you all know what is going on for the 4th quarter of business!  Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. I welcome Angel Quiroz of Angel Media to team Malachy FULL TIME!
  2. Team Malachy will be at the Pizza & Pasta Expo on October 3rd!
  3. Headed to Tokyo October 14th, stay tuned for international kitchens, food and more!
  4. The Care Factor Podcast will get going strong with different guests throughout the industry!
  5. Team Malachy Company Video Bios, Days in the life of Technicians get more in depth.
  6. Launched the industry’s only media community on facebook FOOD EQUIPMENT DIGITAL DISRUPTORS
  7. Christmas Party December 8th and yes we’ll be filming the whole thing and talking about what we’re grateful for this year!
  8. Early 2019 – Headed to NAFEM in Orlando and from their, we fly to Austin, TX For our first RFMA Conference!

Those are few hot topics of what I’ll be involved with in the coming months.  We are ALWAYS hiring passionate, energetic, qualified technicians to TEAM MALACHY and would love to have YOU part of the family.  201-823-1415 is the office number or you can contact me through my website!


Until next time… stay humble.

-Rich Malachy