This Year Is Moving!

What a year this has been already.  We just closed out a record first quarter @MalachyCares AKA Malachy Parts & Service!  I’m beyond thankful and humbled for the team that has been assembled here.  I’m surrounded by rock stars, so please know, nothing I do is without them.  I just met with Anthony, a guy many customers may remember as our Parts GuRu!  He has a passion to be a chef, so he left to go to culinary school but some things have come up and we are talking about doing some more business together again.  The people that come into my life may start as just a business transaction but time tells the tale and usually, these people all become like family.  You can see our brief meeting above and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!  We had to keep the business convo private but stay tuned because Anthony just may back around soon!


This past week had some notable gems!  It all goes back to putting yourself out there, joining associations, clubs, going to events and participating in your industry.  I always look for at least one major takeaway from any conference or event I go to, something that makes me say, “Yeah, that’s why I was here”.  People will say it’s luck.  I say, the harder I work, the luckier I get.  It’s about being present, putting yourself in position to win and building relationships everywhere you go.  With that said, I received a call from a well known equipment dealer in the industry.  They are a good company and while in California, I had the opportunity to talk about or side of the business and how I know we can help if we partnered together and had each others back.  A meeting that will take place in the next week will hopefully bring our companies and people closer together in order to better serve our mutual customers.  We are all good at what we do but there are things we all need help with.  The point is, working together for a common goal, will make us very strong partners in our market.


Since I’ve taken over operations in 2012, this company has changed so much.  If my father stepped into this building and saw the inner workings of what we are doing, he would not recognize it.  We have become the LEADER in service here in New Jersey!  Our accounts have become so much more diverse.  We are also getting into a much larger clientele base such as national and local chains that have brought us to a new level.  The number one thing I’m building on here is CARE.  A four letter word that I want to dominate our thinking and way of being.  When you think of me and Malachy Parts & Service, I want you to think, “Rich and his team really give a shit about what they do and how they do it”.  I know perfection is not possible and it’s not about being perfect.  It’s about coming in everyday with the mindset, “We are here to help people”.  As long as we know why we’re here, the rest will take care of itself.  I’ll back up the Care Factor I’m building here every single time.  If anyone our company comes in contact with feels they didn’t get the care factor, I’ll make it right.  No questions asked.


To finish up this blog, I want to talk about our NEW Conference & Media room being built.  We had the floors put in a few days ago and they look sharp!  The walls are currently getting fresh paint and we also had new glass doors put in the front of our building as well!  The plan is to get our industry together, talking and do it all on a podcast I’m simply calling “The Care Factor”.  We will be inviting customers, reps, dealers, chefs and customers to talk about their sector of the foodservice industry.  I want to talk about the up’s and down’s, misconceptions, passions, food, service, maintenance, installations and the list goes on and on.  We all have a story to tell and the more we talk, the better we’ll be.

I have to get back to the grind now but I’ll be back with more soon.  Please feel free to email me anytime, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and ALL social media outlets!  #Peace