On the move, new Sh*T: Media, Partnerships and loyalty.

What. A. Summer. It. Has. Been!  And we’re just getting started!  I have been growing so much personally and it not only has to do with the team I’ve surrounded myself with but also because self-awareness.  I’m at a point in life where I know what I’m good at and I know what I’m not so good at.  I’m focused on my strengths because a smart guy once told me, “Don’t focus on your weaknesses, everyone else is already doing that for you!”.  That was my mentor from a far Gary Vaynerchuk and trust and believe, I’ve listened my brother.  I have so much gratitude for what has been placed in front of me.  I know the work, time and efforts play a part but I firmly believe when you put good out into the world, good comes back.  That’s the secret.

NEW SH*T:  Media, Partnerships, Loyalty

What’s new in Jersey?  I’ll begin with some partnerships that have developed.  I want to thank Ron at Duke Mfg. for the opportunity to be an authorized service & parts center in New Jersey.  We are getting ready to start training so we can take care of Subways, Burger Kings and more here at Malachy Parts & Service.  I’d also like to give a big shout out to my man David with Blue Air Refrigeration!  We just partnered for equipment sales, service, installations & OEM parts here in NJ.  Ice machines, griddles, fryers, refrigerators & freezers are available for the NJ Marketplace!  One of my favorite and most notable meetings with a national chain happened a couple of weeks ago.  No announcements yet but I feel it went well and the guys we’ll be working with are good people that want good, honest service.. they came to the right place.  I’m humbled they even reached out.  Another very big partnership is in the works, no announcements yet but let’s just say our techs have been training up in the Burlington, VT area on some combi ovens.  We will be prepared when it’s time.


The media game.  We are just getting started!  We have been filming Tip Tuesdays, vlogging at different customer locations and within our offices.  We just shot our first Mukbang. (YouTube it, its hilarious!)  The deal with media is about documenting my journey.  I want everyone to see the genuine me, the team, our techs in action, behind the scenes and bring industry topics to light.  I am just getting started!  My newest video can be found HERE!  I gave a presentation to Bayonne High School juniors and seniors on our business and our industry.  It was great talking with these young kids, giving them some insight on the alternative to college and opening some minds.  I gave 2 young men an opportunity to ride on a van this summer!  Congrats to Connor and Jahmod who start this week!  I told them that 3 things were necessary to have:  Hustle.  Patience.  Pride.  You can see more of that in the VIDEO on YouTube.  Last but not least, my podcast.  ALL of the equipment we need is in!  You can see us setting up the media room on YouTube very soon.  We will be calling on customers, reps, dealers, techs, other service companies and more to come and sit in on our weekly pod sessions.  **Contact me directly if YOU want to be a part of what we’re doing?**  RichMalachy@Gmail.com


And last, certainly not least, Loyalty.  This is something I feel has been going away for some time and there are lots of reasons but the biggest of my time would be the internet.  It’s changed the way we ALL do business.  Constant comparisons of prices on-line for all products and services.  It has clouded the fact that there is something special about a relationship with someone.  Your not just “using Malachy” to fix your equipment, you’re going to call Rich and his team because you know them by name, you know they care, you know because you both invested in getting to know one another that there is a mutual respect for the business at hand.  Don’t label us as “just another service companies with crazy fee’s” as I hear often.  We have fee’s, yes.  We sell time.  We sell parts.  We also back up everything we do with a 180 day warranty and if there’s any issues, our relationship makes it easy to fix.  Just call Rich!  Same goes for employees aka family members aka the care team.  We have to care for our relationships, understand that communication is key and if you’re here, you’re NOT just a number, you are someone I care about and someone I want to WIN.  Any issues we have, it’s not going to fall on deaf ears.  Just call Rich!  That’s the legacy I want to build.  And damn, it is not easy!  It’s all good though, it’s not supposed to be.  Guess we’ll see where the chips fall at the finish line in 50 years.  I’ll keep doing the right thing, being genuine and caring for the people around me.


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Until next time… Be honest.  Be humble.