Gratitude, Work & Patience.

Blessed!  That is the only I could think to start off this blog post.  I wish my father and I were on better terms right now.  I’d tell him, “all the years you were talking, I was listening.  I get it dad.  I get it.”  Somewhere along the way, life happened though, so I’m happy just to put these words out into the space we call the internet.  What do I get?  I get that I have to be willing to go harder than the person next to me.  I get that no matter what time of day or night, no matter if it’s the weekend or a holiday, I have to be ready to go, to put in the time, to work, to build.  I get it.  It took a lot of time to get here, nothing has been overnight and finally, everything feels right.


Over the last week and a half we have finished our new media room, where we will be conducting the PodCast of the Food Equipment Industry!  It will be called simply THE CARE FACTOR and I look forward to bringing in chefs, reps, dealers, customers and anyone that wants to collaborate, communicate, educate and grow!  We will also utilize it for various meetings to strategize, invite existing and potential customers in, plus so much more.  Now I need to get a conference table, chairs, audio equipment and we will be ready to rock and roll!  If you want to be on a Pod Session, feel free to reach out to me anytime!  


We have been filming our technicians at various customers locations.  Team Malachy is in and out of commercial kitchens all over New Jersey, documenting my travels through the industry and also bringing a spotlight to our technicians.  They work hard.  Most people would never even think that this business exists.  Food just shows up on a plate at you’re favorite place to eat.  A Malachy factory Authorized technician may have been there hours prior making sure the fryer or oven is running properly, so YOU can grub!  It’s an industry that needs a spotlight more than ever.  With our skilled trades in the decline over the next decade, the youth need to know that his industry is here, it’s strong, it’s growing and it’s lucrative!  I will make sure that these technicians get the credit they deserve and hopefully inspire the youth to look our way.  It will happen!  GO SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE NOW!

#AskGaryVee – The CRAZIEST thing that has happened to me, possibly ever, is that I have the opportunity to be one of three small business owners going on the #AskGaryVee show!  I replied to a questionnaire, they liked my answers, they told me to send a two minute video about me and my company, I did, I got a call asking me if I can make it to NYC, VaynerMedia HQ on 4/23/18.  I said, “HELL FUCKING YES!”.   So, tomorrow morning, I’ll uber it to NYC with my media manager, documenting my day at VaynerMedia.  The main reason for this particular #AskGaryVee is to bring light to Small Business. (Small business week is 4/29-5/4)  I will have all the details in my next blog post next week but if you really want to see, I’d go SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel.  You will get the behind the scenes look at how it went down and when the actual episode goes live on Gary’s channel, I’ll let you all know!  IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHO GARY IS, CLICK BELOW:


I’m going to end the blog here today.  Time to prepare for tomorrow.  Over the next couple of weeks, so many more events are coming up, including a presentation I’ll be giving somewhere exclusive!  You’ll have to stay tuned to see where!  Please follow me on ALL social platforms.  Be Honest.  Be Humble.