California Love, Branding, Building and Friendships.

I am alive.  It’s 2018.  To the people that read this that I don’t know, to my team and to my family near and far, this gift of life is so precious.  I never imagined when I was a kid, laying around in our small apartment in Bayonne, NJ, dreaming with my mom about all things we wanted, places we wanted to go that I’d end up here.  Where is here?

Here is anywhere I want to be.  Here is in NJ on a Sunday night in August or California 10 days later or Vegas 25 days later or Tokyo 60 days later.  Here is where me going out into the world and doing will lead me next.  The past couple of weeks have been very different.

California Love

What came from a simple message on LinkedIN turned into my company @MalachyCares being contracted to fly across the country to perform start-ups/commissioning and data logging for one of the largest tech companies on the planet.  After ironing out the details, we set up our CFESA master technician Dave to fly out for the week of August 6, 2018 with my media manager and I right behind him.  We documented as much of the trip as we could but due to privacy, we couldn’t show much.  We were in Cupertino, CA for a day and we finalized the trip in San Francisco.  You can check out the trip by CLICKING HERE.  This trip made the wheels start turning in my mind and I thought, do we have a whole new business on our hands?  I think the answer is YES!  I’m going to have to figure out the details and pricing but that shouldn’t be too hard.  Once I put a program in place, the rest is up to the market to decide!  Basically, if you need a certified technician or 2 or 3, then you can contract us out for minimum one week to perform full kitchen installations & equipment start-ups anywhere in the country and dare I say even the world.  Stay tuned as I look to develop something for this type of service platform.  All in all, we developed some partnerships and gained great knowledge along the way.  Cali love!



As the 4th quarter of 2018 approaches, I have my sights set on building my brand.  RICH MALACHY.  A brand that will embody kindness, caring, technology, media, food equipment service from all sectors of the industry that pour out into our platforms such as LinkedIN, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and our new podcast coming soon.  It’s not something I would have thought I wanted or needed to do a year ago but as I always say, 365 changes everything.  Next year at this time, I have a feeling life will be pretty different.  If you are part of our amazing industry of people from food equipment service, equipment reps or dealers, manufacturers and end users, please feel free to follow me on all platforms and engage.  I want to build a community where we can gain new perspectives and understand each other better.  Caring about each others day to day issues matters.  I dislike the saying, “That’s not my problem.”  When we are all working together to take care of the customer, we all share common problems that need to be solved and with understanding, empathy and truly caring, it can make doing business so much easier for all!  I’m appreciative of all the support so far, it’s been pretty fuckin awesome, if I may say so in plain English.  What will Rich Malachy be up to going forward to build his brand?  EVERYTHING!  I’m going all in on LinkedIN with video, I’ll be looking to to daily vlogs, more footage of our techs & management team including bio’s, more travel, more food, more visits with customers, reps, manufacturers and MORE, MORE, MORE!  Join me? EMAIL ME 


Building a Business & Friendships

Since I’ve posted a blog last, let’s not forget my real job is CEO of Malachy Parts & Service, which I’m running daily, helping my team succeed and planning strategically for the future.  We have become Duke MFG authorized for service, parts & installations and the next 2 weeks, we’ll be hosting training in house for our technicians.  I sat down with a major national restaurant chain which we are set to begin servicing nearly 40 locations this coming week and we are ramping up our techs and van inventory for that.  Team Malachy has booked their trip to Las Vegas for the Rational Service Symposium coming in September where we’ll look to learn, give our input on ways to better service & installations and hopefully get a bunch of interviews from industry professionals.  This coming week, I have an inventory specialist coming in because this is an area of weakness that I need to strengthen & fast.  Last but definitely not least, Bashir Abdallah, VP of market strategy @ Service Channel.  First, he is not only extremely knowledgeable on the state of the industry but he’s also one of the nicest most sincere people you will ever meet.  I’m grateful to have been invited to Service Channel NYC HQ to talk shop on different hot topics in our industry with Bashir and I’m looking forward to connecting again soon.

At the end of the day, for me, it’s all about people.  Building friendships.  That’s going to be the answer in 3o years of how we built an amazing company and how I built an amazing brand.  A few nuggets of advice from my mom to you, be gentle, loving and kind, be humble, be honest, love yourself, give, care and always do the right thing.


Until next time…


Rich Malachy