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Service Company Owner
Food Equipment Influencer
Keynote Speaker

Rich Malachy is the CEO of Malachy Parts & Service. He has become an industry thought leader and content creator who alongside Angel Quiroz has started the food equipment industry’s first digital marketing conference and group.

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What To Expect

Whether you are a technician, service company owner, Manufacturer, director of marketing or even a rep or dealer, Rich’s brand of strategy and content will help you develop a new and fresh way to approach your business’ Marketing. So here is what to expect from his talk…

  • Strategies and concepts for building a great digital platform.
  • Tips and actionable items on how to become an influencer in your space.
  • Learn to generate a dedicated online community around your brand.
  • Build a strong, reputable brand online.


As our industry has an abundance of food service news and trade shows, one thing it lacks is influencers, especially in the digital market place…until now. Rich Malachy and The FEDD Group are paving the way for our industry! He’s opened my mind to new digital ideas that has allowed me take Total Food Service to a new level with deep digital content to better serve our readers. Rich truly cares about teaching and making our industry digitally louder each and every day.

@Mike Scinto
Total Food

Rich Malachy is a true digital pioneer! He has encouraged me to broaden my horizons and get involved with social media and digital marketing. Though I am still taking baby steps at it, I have already received positive feedback and am looking forward to getting more and more content up! Thanks Rich!

@Mourad (JR) Zaven
Angry Chef Kitchen Repair

Rich has very much set himself apart As a service company and personal Brand due to his innovative approach To marketing in our industry. His Talks are always poignant, informative And very much entertaining. He has A great deal of wisdom in both digital Marketing and food equipment, I truly recommend him.

@Nicholas Mercogliano
Chef | Pecinka Ferry

Rich’s speeches on digital marketing Are detailed, motivational and custom Tailored to the food equipment industry. His ability to generate creative ideas To help your business is unparalleled. Having him speak at an event would be A truly great return on your investment.

@Angel Quiroz
Malachy Digital